Monday, June 30, 2008

Closing the Barn Door

Unfortunately, the cows already got out. To be more specific, I installed an electric fence past weekend. It started a few weeks ago, our goats learned to escape the fence. As a solution, we bought an electric fence charger and accessories. It sat in the utility room for a week, waiting for the weekend. We've had escapes in the past, but it was never a concern, as they stayed nearby. The biggest disaster was that they ate Raine's rosebush.

Imagine the regret when I opened the door saturday morning to see a goat standing on the hood of the car... and it's a borrowed car at that. Chased him off the hood only to turn around in time to watch another one jump up there. I don't know what it is about a Ford Escort that makes it appealing to climb on, but none of the other vehicles made the attraction. Needless to say, Dad's hood is a bit scuffed up, but I think rubbing compound will take care of it.

The electric fence works good and the goats aren't even considering the fence as an escape route anymore.

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